About Shaylin P. Chock

A noted psychiatrist, Shaylin P. Chock, MD, has served many California residents since graduating from medical school in 2007. Highly accomplished in her academic and professional life, Dr. Chock has a long history of involvement in her community. She has served on numerous councils, conducted original research, made presentations, and assisted community organizations.

Shaylin P. Chock, MD, began her education at the University of Portland, where she pursued a major in life science and a minor in psychology. After earning her Bachelor of Science, Dr. Chock traveled to the University of Hawaii. She studied biochemistry, child development, psychology, and computer and information technology as a prelude to the Imi Ho’ola (Those Who Seek to Heal) Post Baccalaureate Program.

Subsequently, Shaylin P. Chock, MD, earned her medical degree from the John A. Burns School of Medicine, part of the University of Hawaii. During this time, she earned multiple merit-based scholarships for her efforts as a student and as part of the community. Dr. Chock also served as a research assistant, helped to lead the Psychiatry Interest Group, co-founded the Medical Student Mentoring Program, and aided the school in recruitment and demonstration for potential medical students.

After graduating, Shaylin P. Chock, MD, traveled to North Hills, California, to begin her residency as part of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Training Program. Near the end of her residency, she took on a position as a psychiatric emergency room physician at Olive View UCLA Medical Center in Sylmar, a position she continues to hold today.

When Shaylin P. Chock, MD, completed her residency in 2010, she immediately began a fellowship through the LAC+USC (Los Angeles County+University of Southern California) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program in Los Angeles. At present, she is focusing on her fellowship at LAC+USC and her emergency room work. She also recently started a position as a weekend attending psychiatrist at Gateways Hospital & Mental Health Center.


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